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A bespoke console table made from start to finish in house at Anka Bespoke. This piece is made from Macasar Ebony from the legs to the top and then finished with a high-gloss lacquer. The high-gloss lacquer makes a beautiful contrast against the matt Italian Dresden leather which lines the central compartment box and table top all hand stitched. From a solid rod of scabbard brass, we hand crafted diamond shaped inlays which were individually placed with swiss-made apparatuses into the Macasar around the handle and details on the legs. The solid brass was also antiqued and used for the feet of the table. The bespoke nature of our work doesn’t stop there, the amber stone handle was sent to us as a rock from the designer which we then shaped and carved in house like a diamond to fit the unique brass frame we had made especially for it. The warm tones of the amber are accentuated from a gold leaf which was hand-applied to the background of the semi-precious stone which complimented the brass frame in which it sits. The central compartment can be revealed from lifting the amber handle which divulges the Dresden Italian leather which lines all the internal faces, before it slowly closes again on its soft drop leather lid.

This is the only console table of its kind in the world made by the highest skilled cabinet makers in England.

Dimensions: 1200 long X 760 High X 300 Deep.