Our entire product range can be applied to a variety of substrates, including MDF, plaster, plasterboard, concrete, fibreglass, glass, plastic, polystyrene, paper, brickwork, fabric, metal, ceramics, wood and many others.

Anka provides the luxurious quality, feel and durability of solid metals without the expense and weight of machined or forged metal products. It can adapt itself readily to most modern production techniques.

We are available to assist all aspects of the design market including interior/exterior designers, architecture, sculpture, furniture, signage, shop fittings and both film and stage design.


Working with the latest liquid metal technology

Anka works with the leading liquid metal technology which creates bespoke interior and exterior finishes. Our innovative product allows us to coat a wide range of surfaces with a solid veneer of metal. The finished product can be polished, buffed or brushed just like a solid piece of metal, and using our incredible range of patinas and washes we can even create the effects of ageing and oxidation.

The product can be given a number of textured finishes. We can even treat the surface to achieve greater depth, or apply to an already textured surface.